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There's a reason Pacific Islanders have been enjoying Kava for over 3,000 years.

✔️ A natural state of calm and euphoria 

✔️ Enhanced mental cognition similar to coffee without the crash or the jitters

✔️ Relaxes the central nervous system + aids sleep

✔️ Non addictive, all natural & only has 10 calories per serve

✔️ 100% sustainably sourced certified Noble Kava from Vanuatu

✔️ Australian Government approved

Best enjoyed as a tea, our Pure Noble Kava from Vanuatu gives you a state of calm + relaxation that has helped thousands of people feel their happiest.

500g = 20+ serves.

100% sustainably sourced certified Noble Kava from Vanuatu.
Low calorie (approx. 10 calories per serve)
Non additive
Highest quality
All natural kavalactones
Sustainably sourced
Australian Government approved


For a single serve:

Add 25g (approx. 1/3 cup) of Vanuatu Noble Kava to 300 - 500mL of warm* water, coconut water or favourite beverage to a blender or shaker. Protein shakers are a great option.

Blend or shake for 1-2 mins.

Allow to sit for 10 minutes.
Pour blended mixture through a fine sieve (100+ micron) or straining cloth/bag.
Squeeze the bag to release all fluid and kavalactones.

Drink the Kava quickly. Locally this is called ‘chugging’.
Enjoy the earthy taste and embrace the heavenly feel.

Vanuatu Style:

Add 100g Vanuatu Noble Kava to a strainer bag.

Put 1 - 1.5 litres warm* (not hot) water into a large container.

Massage / knead the kava bag in the warm water for 3 minutes.

Allow to sit for 10 minutes then squeeze the water out of the bag and set aside.

Drink the Kava quickly. Locally this is called ‘chugging’.
Enjoy the earthy taste and embrace the heavenly feel.

* Use warm water. Room Temperature to body temperature (around 37ºC) is ideal.
Hot water will kill the naturally occurring active ingredients (kavalactones) in the kava.
If you prefer to drink Kava cold it can be refridgerated.

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For every order over 1kg we donate $5 to Children’s charities in Vanuatu